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We make sports betting seamless

Hey there! Welcome to Leadstar Media. Since our start back in 2009 we have had the vision of making sports betting seamless. 

We create products to facilitate punters’ choices and boost their sports betting experience. Together with our passion for internet entrepreneurship and our expertise in understanding punter’s needs by analysing search engines we are able to serve great products to sports betting interested people across the World. 

We are always looking for brand new talents who can become Leadstars 🌟 Scroll down to read more about what it means to be a Leadstar 👇🏼

Workplace & culture

🌟We believe it’s fun to learn and try new things. We have created an environment which is challenging but also fun! As well as working with our products we organise all sorts of activities such as Leadstar parties, watching sports events, arranging internal conferences and attending global conferences within our field. As well as our annual summer kick off! 🌟

Being a Leadstar

  • Team Spirit 🌟

    A Leadstar is a friendly person who has a winning mentality and alway strives to achieve top results, together with the team. Many of our Leadstars have backgrounds within sports, meaning they are familiar with team spirit. Besides everyday work, we organise activities outside work-hours such as different kinds of events, company trips and kick-offs.

  • Passion for your work and ownership 🔥

    A Leadstar is a person who has the passion for the work. Passion and the feeling of ownership is a strong motivator for our Leadstars.

  • Passion for learning ✍️

    The passion for learning and challenges is a strive that a Leadstar has. Leadstar Media is therefore continuously putting a lot of effort into developing a learning and challenging organisation in order for us to make smart decisions. If you are a talent that has the strive to become a star you should apply to join the team.

🌟 Are you our next talent? Apply for a job today 🌟

We are always looking for talented people who strive to become stars. Here you will find our open positions but please connect with us even if there are no open positions that suit you. There will always be room for talents at Leadstar Media.

This is Leadstar Media

Leadstar Media was founded in 2009 by Eskil, Jens and Oscar. With a background within poker and a growing interest in sports betting they saw a need of creating products to facilitate punters’ choices and boost their sports betting experience. 

In late 2016 the founders went “all in” and in the spring 2017 the first Leadstar joined the team. Since then the Leadstar Media team has grown and the products have become the best products for their purpose throughout several geographical markets.

The most important part of the company are the Leadstars and therefore we are striving everyday to have a learning and challenging workplace where Mondays feel like Fridays.


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